Top Tips

The Play People’s ‘Top Tips’ to ensure that your party is the best one yet!

• Book your entertainer first and your hall second. There are more halls than good entertainers out there.

• Book your entertainers early so you can get your preferred party date and time, we typically book 2 months in advance.

• If you are having a party at home ensure there is enough space for the children and entertainers to move around in. To gauge the space, would all of the children be able to sit down in a circle to participate in the activities?

• A two hour party is a standard length of a party and leaves enough time for the children to take part in the entertainment and eat party food. (Parties can be very tiring for children and having a party longer than 2 hours means they have to be on their best behaviour for longer…!)

• Send invitations out early with a RSVP date on them and your contact number.
• If your venue of the party is difficult to find send additional instructions/directions to your entertainers and guests.

• Ensure there is parking at your venue for the entertainers. Preferably a parking space close by to the party venue to make unloading equipment easier.

• Our entertainers will need a table near a plug socket to set up our resources and equipment.

• Have a table for the birthday child’s presents to be placed on.

• Hang balloons up as decoration, rather than having them loose around the room. This makes for a quieter party as children love to pop balloons! And the loud bang popping noise can upset other children.

• If you are booking Play People entertainers we pride ourselves on two hours of jam packed entertainment so there is no need to bring any additional entertainment. (You can save the additional cost of bouncy castles, or soft play hire, as this can become distracting from the hired entertainers. However as long as you understand that this may happen at your party Play People Entertainers can still be hired if you have arranged additional entertainment methods.)

• Also save noisy items like blowers and party poppers until home time too!

• Do not bring any party food out for the children until it is time for the food break as this can be very tempting and distracting.

• Check whether any children have any allergies and please let the entertainers know ahead of the party. (We use Snazaroo face paints that claim to be nut free but are made in a factory that also creates nut based products so we like to check with parents to ensure it is safe for their child to take part in this aspect of the party.)

• Arrange when you would like to do the birthday cake with the entertainers. We sing happy birthday once the children have finished eating the party food just over half way through the party so that this leaves enough time for the cake to be cut and wrapped to be given out to friends and family at the end of the party.

• Create an area with chairs for parents to sit, watch and chat slightly away from the children’s entertainment if possible. It can get very loud when a group of parents are chatting together and often the entertainers have to shout above the noise and the children struggle to hear what is going on.

• Our entertainers will always be happy to help at a party so please don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything you would like them to assist with.