We strive to personalise every child’s party plan, with your child’s interests, favourite games and music at the very heart of our planning. Here are a few examples of our most popular children’s party themes that may give you some inspiration:


Superheroes Party

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s your child’s favourite superhero! Children will take part in Superhero training and learn how to save the world through fun and energetic activities including, obstacle courses and a super strength test!

IMG_3429 16195071_1464952523536567_1578416608339529792_nSuperhero people12790859_1120619824636507_4502291247492616627_nsuper3

Frozen Party

Let it Go with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna at your party! Children will retell the story of Frozen with Elsa and Anna, go on a sleigh ride, hunt for trolls and of course sing all the Frozen songs!

IMG_306616681460_10154914923634526_3453188882001878450_nP1400460P1260303Kristoff 2

Pirate Party

Swashbuckling fun for every rascal! Children will go on a pirate adventure, sail the seven seas and search for treasure! 


Princess Party

Take part in Princess training and learn how to be a Princess through fun games and activities led by your child’s favourite Princesses.  


Star Wars Party

Use the force young Jedi! Learn the Jedi skills needed to defeat Darth Vader. Children will take part in Jedi training of course learning how to use a light saber!

Starwars1 Starwars2Starwars3

Forest Fairies Party

Hunt for tiny clues left by the fairies to help create a fairy party for everyone! 


Jungle Explorers Party

Join us for a jungle adventure! We pack our back packs and fly off into the jungle, go on a safari and meet jungle animals!

14333188_1289508154414339_5961969233922923535_n P1410794 P1410771 14495335_1868559360038498_1301713517791130886_n

Harry Potter Party

Be sorted into houses by the sorting hat, learn spells and enchantments, have fun on a horcrux hunt and take part in a potions class!

14358694_1297771116921376_6770882653980918002_n P1410028 P1410025 P1340895Harry potter3

Minion Party

A fun fill party with some cheeky mischievous minions!

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Paw Patrol Party

Can your puppies help us save the day..


Halloween, Christmas and Easter Parties

Festive fun for everyone

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The Ultimate Play People Party

Don’t want to be tied into a theme? Pure fun it is then!

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Party themes can be combined to suit all your guests. 

We like to personalise parties and try out new party themes so please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you don’t see a theme listed that you would like.

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