We strive to personalise every child’s party plan, with your child’s interests, favourite games and music at the very heart of our planning. Here are a few examples of our most popular children’s party themes that may give you some inspiration.

Superheroes Party

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s your child’s favourite superhero! Children will take part in Superhero training and learn how to save the world through fun and energetic activities including, obstacle courses and a super strength test!

Ice Sister’s Party

Let it Go with the Ice Queen and Queen of Arendelle at your party! Children will take part in interactive story-telling and sing-a-long! Go on a sleigh ride, hunt for trolls and have a snow ball fight!

Pirate Party

Swashbuckling fun for every rascal! Children will go on a pirate adventure, sail the seven seas and search for treasure! 

Princess Party

Have a Princess join you for the royal occasion! The young Princes and Princesses will take part in magical story-telling and sing a longs and have their favourite stories brought to life! They will also play fun princess themed games and activities linked to the princess’s character and story.

Space Party

Use the force young Jedi! Children will take part in Jedi training, learning how to fly space crafts, take part in space races and of course learning how to use a light saber!

Forest Fairies Party

During this magical party adventure the children will hunt for tiny clues left by the fairies to help create a fairy party for everyone!

Jungle Explorers Party

Join us for a jungle adventure! We pack our back packs and fly off into the jungle, go on a safari for fun and games and we meet lots of jungle animals along the way!

Harry Potter Party

Be sorted into houses by the sorting hat, learn spells and enchantments, have fun on a horcrux hunt and take part in a potions class!

Ninja Party!

Invite a ninja to your party to train up your young ninjas! The children will have the chance to show their ninja moves, throw ninja stars and learn the art of ninja meditation and focus so things don’t get too wild!

Unicorn Party

If your child finds unicorns magical then why not invite along a rainbow unicorn princess or our rainbow unicorns to host a fun filled party! It includes games such as chase the tail, rainbow relays and hobby horse races!

Mermaid Party

Invite mermaids along to your party to host lots of under the sea fun!

Mario & Luigi Party!

Collect stars; play Mario & Luigi themed games, obstacle courses and bring Mario Kart to life!

Circus Party

Learn some circus skills and have some fun with our ringmasters!

Mary Poppins Party

A classic party theme. Join Mary and Bert for a jolly holiday of jumping into chalk drawings, spoon full of sugar races and even dancing over roof tops!

Toy Story Party

A fun filled party hosted by your favourite toys! Take part in Woody’s round up games and run like the wind bulls eye races!

Trolls Party

Join Poppy and Branch on an all singing all dancing adventure that is full of fun!

Peter Pan Party

Another classic party theme! Fly off to Neverland with Peter Pan, Wendy and Tink! Travel to the mermaid lagoon, play follow the leader and fight off the pirates in this story telling adventure party!

Pokemon Party

Become the ultimate Pokémon trainer as you join Ash and Pikachu at the Pokémon party!

Paw Patrol Party

Paw Patrol parties are hosted by Ryder and Katy or Farmer Yumi and the children become the puppies in training! Can your puppies help us save the day?! Children will take part in a range of games and activities linking to the puppies skills!

Minion Party

A fun fill party with some cheeky mischievous minions!

Ghostbusters Party

Who you gonna call? That’s right, it’s GHOSTBUSTERS! The children will have fun hunting for ghosts, trying to defeat marshmallow man and playing with green slime play doh!

Shimmer and Shine Party

Did you wish for some birthday magic for your party? Invite the genies Shimmer and Shine along and your wish is their command! Children take part in fun and engaging storytelling, dancing games and make wishes!

Christmas Parties

Fun for everyone at Christmas time!

Easter Parties

Fun for everyone at Easter!

Halloween Parties

Spooky Halloween fun for all!