Interactive Workshops

The Play People work alongside teachers to plan and create interactive workshops for your class or school. Play People entertainers can create an interactive learning experience to excite and engage children to create a memorable learning experience.

Superhero interactive workshop

Superheroes is an increasingly popular topic in EYFS and KS1 and we have created an interactive workshop which can be hosted by two superheroes of your choice. They will guide the children on a superhero adventure taking part in different areas of learning along the way including: phonics, problem solving, physical challenges, writing activities and science all to try and rescue their teaching assistant who has been captured! 

Meet & Greet

Invite in a character for your class to meet. You can use this meet and greet to hot seat characters to support work on story telling in traditional tale topics and to encourage children’s writing.

We also offer seasonal character visits like the Easter Bunny who can surprise your children with an Easter Egg hunt around the school grounds or check out our Santa in Schools page to find out how we can bring some festive fun to your school!

Why not have a character come into school to create a stimulus for a new topic to excite and engage the children for their learning. Or at the end of term to celebrate the end of your topic… or just making it to the end of term!

We can create bespoke workshops and meet & greets based around different characters to support your class’ learning, if you don’t see a theme or character advertised get in contact with us as we may be able to create something just for you!

T: 07595 450377